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Last updated on August 21, 2023

Working To Restore Your Faith In The Legal System

When facing a challenging legal issue, you need a lawyer who will work to ensure that your best interests are adhered to throughout your proceedings. When an attorney fails to adequately represent you, you may be entitled to compensation for any losses stemming from missed deadlines, failure to disclose conflicts of interest or erroneous legal advice. At the Waid Law Office, PLLC, I leverage more than 37 years of experience to provide representation to clients in Seattle and Western Washington who feel they have become the victims of legal malpractice. My extensive knowledge in many areas of the law gives me the ability to carefully examine your case and offer advice on your legal malpractice claim, all in an effort to help you recover compensation stemming from inadequate or unethical legal representation. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific legal malpractice concerns and learn how I can be of assistance, please call 206-462-4435 or contact me online today.

Detailed Guidance During Legal Malpractice Claims

To successfully recover compensation during a legal malpractice claim, you must demonstrate three specific circumstances:

  1. An attorney/client relationship exists — such that the attorney has undertaken a duty of care to the client.
  2. The representation provided fell below the Washington state standard of care.
  3. This breach of the standard of care, or malpractice, caused you damages.

I conduct a thorough examination of your case and the actions of your legal counsel before offering advice on whether you should seek to recover compensation.

Examples Of Malpractice Situations

My work in the field of legal malpractice has allowed me to successfully recover compensation for clients who suffered losses in various situations, including:

  • Failure to disclose conflicts of interest and obtain the client’s written consent to continued representation
  • Missed deadlines, such as failing to file or serve the client’s claim within the statute of limitations
  • Litigation mistakes
  • Errors in preparing business, real estate or other contracts
  • Mishandling client money
  • Betrayal of attorney-client confidences and secrets
  • Erroneous legal advice
  • Failing to properly investigate and prepare the client’s claim
  • Disclosing the client’s confidential information, even inadvertently

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