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Experienced Legal Malpractice Attorney in Seattle

Restoring Your Faith in the Justice System

When facing challenging legal concerns, our first instinct is to turn to a trained professional for educated and informative advice. When choosing a lawyer, you likely took many factors into account, including years of experience, knowledge of specific practice areas and convenience to your home and court locations. Despite your intensive research, even the most prepared consumers or businesses can sometimes receive unsatisfactory or unacceptable legal representation.

At the Waid Law Office, PLLC, I strive to provide detailed support to clients in Western Washington and the Seattle area who feel they have become victims of legal malpractice (breach of the standard care). Whether you feel your attorney failed to adequately represent you or you have encountered an unfair legal fee billing practice, I work to restore your faith in lawyers and in the justice system.

With more than 43 years of legal experience, my firm is dedicated to helping you find compensation for your losses stemming from inadequate representation. Through the filing of a legal malpractice suit, we may be able to help you obtain financial restitution for losses stemming from missed opportunities or avoidable unfavorable judgments.

Timely and Personalized Assistance

When you have been mistreated by an attorney, it can be difficult to trust another one. I work diligently to help restore your faith in legal professionals by offering detailed and personalized advice on your legal malpractice and legal fee dispute claims.

Throughout your proceedings, I act as your advisor and counselor. I offer comprehensive advice so that you can make informed decisions on how you'd like to proceed.

My wide breadth of experience and attention to detail give me the ability to carefully examine your case to determine if you have cause to file a suit. This in-depth investigation is designed to help you avoid the costly and unnecessary expense of litigation if it does not appear that it will yield a positive outcome for you.

Contact My Office

Poor legal representation can cause a lasting strain on your life and your finances. When your legal malpractice proceedings are over, I want you to be able to look back on how you handled it and be proud that you stood up for your rights.

Contact my office online or call 206-462-4435 (toll free at 888-702-9277) to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal malpractice, professional ethics or fee dispute concerns.


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