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At the Waid Law Office, PLLC, we understand the frustrations that you may experience after having received inadequate legal representation. With that in mind, we work to provide detailed and informative support to clients in Seattle and throughout Western Washington who have experienced a loss due to a breach of standard care or through unfair legal fee billing practices on behalf of their attorney.

Our practice is dedicated to helping you recover your faith in the legal and insurance systems following unsatisfactory representation or coverage practices. Whether you have received an unfavorable judgment due to improper or inadequate legal assistance or have encountered a fee dispute following your legal process, we work to help you find the resolutions you need to move forward with a favorable view of the legal system.

Our Practice Areas

In an effort to help you recover compensation or avoid unfair legal fees, we offer personalized support on a number of legal issues, including:

  • Legal Malpractice/Breach of Standard Care: Our legal malpractice guidance is designed to help you recover compensation and your faith in the justice system following inadequate or unethical legal assistance or a breach of fiduciary duty that resulted in a loss on your behalf.
  • Legal Fee Disputes: To help you avoid costly and unfair legal expenses, we provide detailed guidance throughout the course of legal fee disputes stemming from unfair billing practices or revised fee agreements, all while attempting to help you find resolutions as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.
  • Attorney/Client Relationships: Among the key aspects of any legal malpractice case stands your need to prove the existence of an attorney/client relationship. We offer detailed information on what constitutes such a relationship and will examine your situation and offer personalized advice on your specific case.
  • Lawyers’ Ethical Responsibilities: Under Washington state and federal guidelines, lawyers are bound to provide certain services to their clients. When proper services are not provided, disciplinary actions and professional malpractice suits may be in order. We offer advice to clients who believe their legal counsel acted outside of their ethical responsibilities in an effort to help you find compensation or lodge a complaint with the state bar association.

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