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Lawyer’s Ethical Responsibilities

Last updated on August 21, 2023

Knowledgeable Ethical Responsibilities Advice

The Rules of Professional Conduct adopted and approved by the Washington State Supreme Court, govern the appropriate actions of legal counsel and the level of service to which every lawyer in Washington must adhere. Deviations from these standards may subject a lawyer to disciplinary action before the court’s disciplinary board and may lead to legal malpractice suits.

At the Waid Law Office, PLLC, our founding attorney has spent the past 45 years learning the complexities of legal ethics guidelines in an effort to offer advice on the ethical responsibilities of attorneys. Our office, based in Seattle, Washington, provides detailed advice to area clients facing concerns over unethical actions by their attorneys in an effort to help you determine whether to file an ethics claim or a legal malpractice suit following inadequate representation.

To schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal ethics concerns, please call 206-462-4435 or contact our office online.

Detailed Evaluation Of Your Situation

If you believe your attorney has acted unethically or outside the rules imposed by state and federal courts, it can be important to contact a knowledgeable attorney. We work to examine your unique case before offering advice on your options for seeking compensation or disciplinary action against your legal counsel.

Whether you decide to lodge a disciplinary complaint or file a legal malpractice claim, we have the insight and knowledge needed to help you understand the process before you and what you may expect from your proceedings.

Contact us to discuss your options when your lawyer has failed to meet standard ethical duties.