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Resolving Legal Fee Disputes For Clients In The Seattle Area

Fee disputes arising after the completion of complicated legal proceedings can be a difficult issue to resolve alone. Whether you feel your lawyer has charged you excessive fees or you feel that an alteration to your fee agreement was performed outside of Washington guidelines, the assistance of an experienced attorney can be invaluable in helping you avoid paying excessive or unfair legal fees.

Examples Of Legal Fee Disputes

At the Waid Law Office, PLLC, I leverage more than 37 years of legal experience to offer legal fee dispute representation to clients in the Seattle area. My work over the years has helped countless clients find favorable resolutions to legal fee disputes relating to various issues, including:

  • Attorneys who have demanded that clients sign a revised fee agreement during representation
  • Attorneys charging for services not rendered
  • Unfair billing hours
  • Improperly billing for legal assistants’ time
  • Erroneous charges to your bill
  • Billing an associate’s time at a partner’s rate
  • Charging you to fix the attorney’s errors

Whether you wish to recover money already paid or wish to pay a reduced amount, I have the experience needed to help you negotiate an acceptable settlement or seek a favorable judgment. In an effort to help you avoid paying these erroneous fees, I conduct a careful examination of all invoices and written fee agreements to search for unfair and deceptive practices under the Washington Consumer Protection Act. Should any issues arise, I will work to help you recover triple the amount of your damages and your attorney’s fees, as allowed under the law. In situations involving breaches of fiduciary duty or other legal or professional malpractice issues, I work to help you avoid paying unnecessary fees while also offering advice on the filing of a malpractice claim.

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